Trouble With Taxes
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Trouble With Taxes
The Canada Revenue Agency can request details of every conversation and meeting you have with an accountant but under Canadian law, if you seek advice from a lawyer then everything you say is protected and no-one can force us to even admit to meeting with you.

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Trouble With TaxesPlease click on the links below for more information about the tax law services I provide:

Appeals & Objections
Judicial Review & CRA Complaints
Non-Filing & Voluntary Disclosures
Penalty and Interest Relief

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Haven't filed your taxes?
Find out what your options are by watching this informative video.

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What can Happen if you Don't File?
Find out what the consequences can be if you fail to file a tax return.

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Voluntary Disclosure Program
Find out how to anonymously disclose your undeclared income.

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Do you provide Consultations?

Yes, our consultations involve both an online questionnaire and a discussion over the phone or in person. You can contact our firm for futher details.

How much do you charge?

Most of our services are billed by the hour and once we go through the consultation process and learn more about the details of your tax issue, we will be able to give you an estimate of the time and costs involved in resolving your issue.

Are fees Tax Deductible?

Taxpayers can deduct legal fees for advice or assistance in responding to the CRA where they have reviewed your income, deductions, or credits for a year as well as fees for objecting to or appealing an assessment or decision under the Income Tax Act and other Tax Legislation. See Line 232 of your personal tax return.

Is it worth me hiring a lawyer?

Not Always. We will be able to tell you after our consultation whether we can help you and your best course of action.

Are my conversations with you confidential?

Absolutely. All communications and discussions between lawyers and their clients are subject to Solicitor-Client Privilege. The Canada Revenue Agency can request details of every meeting you have with an accountant but under Canadian law, if you seek advice from a lawyer then everything you say is protected and no-one can force us to even admit to dealing with you.

Can you reduce my tax debt?

Not always. You have to have grounds for us to be able to reduce your debt. Whether this is proof of disallowed expenses or whether it’s just a reason that you shouldn’t be charged a penalty or interest, we need something to be able to argue and attempt to reduce your debt. Taxes have to be paid and while we can help you to claim every reduction possible under the law, we cannot change the rules which Parliament have set down.

Do you prepare Tax Returns?

Our specialty is in Tax Appeals and the administration of the Income Tax Act and so we do not personally prepare tax returns. However, we work closely with accountants who can help you with all your tax preparation needs under the protection and legal privilege of retaining a lawyer

How long will it take for the CRA to make a decision on my case?

CRA processing times vary depending on what it is you are filing. Returns can be assessed within a few days or weeks as most of the process is automated. Audits will usually take only a few weeks depending on the scope of the information being reviewed. For Notices of Objections and Taxpayer Relief applications, there is a significant backlog and you are looking at anywhere from six months to over a year for an agent to make a decision on your file. It is certainly not a fast process.

Trouble With taxes

Taxpayers Advocate Website:

I am a founding member of Taxpayers Advocate Inc. and you can browse a full list of the articles I have contributed here. Their Tax Wiki has some great articles and guides to help answer common tax questions.

Canada Revenue Agency Website:

The CRA have embraced the internet and their website and online services are a great resource for taxpayers. They also hold workshops and online tutorials on several topics and this can be a grear way to learn more about your tax obligations. These links in particular are very helpful:


A fantastic tax resource created by a retired husband and wife in British Columbia. Gives easy to understand information about personal and corporate tax issues.


Created by Professor Benjamin Alarie at the University of Toronto's Law Faculty, this Wiki provides excellent commentary and context for some of the older CRA publications and is expanding its reference centre with a tax dispute portal that can help people access useful information about how to deal with tax problems.

Small Business Info Canada:

Collection of articles and tips for small business owners within Canada with a great focus on simple explanations and practical information.

Tax Court of Canada:

This great site gives you access to help with Tax Court appeals (including electronic filing of appeals) and the ability to look up the current status of ongoing Court cases and hearing dates.

Federal Court of Canada:

This site is a portal to information about both the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal and includes up to date information on cases that are before the Courts.

Taxpayers Ombudsman:

The Ombudsman produces several great guides that review systemic issues within the CRA and can be a great source of information if you are unhappy with how you have been treated by the CRA.

Department of Finance Canada:

This is where tax law is created and the place to go if you want information on legislative proposals, budgets or even to suggest your own changes for tax reform.

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